What to wear

What to Wear

Please ensure you wear the following:

  • Long or short pants.
  • Comfortable flat sole shoes preferably closed. (Sneakers/hiking boots)
  • Elastic band to tie up long hair.
  • If it is raining you’ll be given a 2 piece rain suit to wear at no extra charge.
  • Sunglasses should preferably have a neck strap.
  • Please don’t forget the camera.
  • Don’t forget the sunblock in Summer.
  • NO dresses or skirts.
  • Your GoPro/helmet mounted action camera.
  • Dress warmly for our Winters!
  • Cash to tip your amazing guides!


* Pregnant ladies.
* Persons with spinal and neck problems.
* Persons that weigh more than 120 kg or that the harness does not fit comfortably.
* Persons with severe Acrophobia (Fear of Heights). We have had many wonderful cases of people overcoming their fear of heights, due to the patience and professionalism of our guides.
* People under the influence of drugs or alcohol may NOT participate.
* Must be physically able to walk at least 150 m unassisted.
* No selfie sticks.

Should you wish to bring your cellphone along for taking photos, please ensure that you wear pants that have a low leg pocket with a zip or buttons to safely carry your phone.