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To make your tour super enjoyable, please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you might have any other questions, please give us a call

What must I wear?

  • Long or short pants
  • Comfortable flat sole shoes preferably closed. (Sneakers/hiking boots)
  • Elastic band to tie up long hair
  • If it is raining you’ll be given a 2 piece rain suit to wear at no extra charge
  • Sunglasses should preferably have a neck strap
  • No dresses or skirts
  • Dress warmly for our winters!
What must I bring?

  • Please don’t forget the camera
  • Sunblock in summer
  • Your GoPro/helmet mounted action camera
  • Cash to tip your amazing guides!
Should you wish to bring your cellphone along for taking photos, please ensure that you wear pants that have a low leg pocket with a zip or buttons to safely store your phone.
What restrictions apply?

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Persons with spinal and neck problems
  • Persons that weigh more than 120 kg or that the harness does not fit comfortably
  • Persons with severe Acrophobia (Fear of Heights). We have had many wonderful cases of people overcoming their fear of heights, due to the patience and professionalism of our guides
  • People under the influence of drugs or alcohol may NOT participate
  • Must be physically able to walk at least 150 m unassisted
  • No selfie sticks
What are your Operating hours?

9h00 – 15h00 (Weekdays)
8h00 – 15h00 (Weekends)
How safe is it?

We pride ourselves on our safety due to the quality of our installations, the equipment that we use and our professional guides.

Furthermore, there are strict criteria set by the Insurance Companies which we have to abide by.

We are also one of the only companies in the world to have our own patented zip line braking systems. “Foefie Brake©” & “Foefie Stop©”.

Note that under no circumstances are patrons allowed to handle any equipment.
How long does the tour take?

The average group size of 8 people takes about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 min.

Note that this might vary due to factors such as:
  • When accommodating very large groups 50+ people.
  • The number of children in the group.
  • The number of parents and children sliding in Tandem.
  • Persons in the group with a fear of heights.
  • When raining it takes time to dry the rain suits.
How do we get to the Zipline site?

Zipliners are transported from our offices into the mountain with our “Zipline taxi/bus”

It is a short (5km) drive down the main road and through suburban Ceres and then up into the mountain.

The bus will then transport you back to our office upon completion of the Zipline Tour.
Can we bring spectators?

Please note that the road leading up to the Ziplines is not accessible with your own vehicle. This is a restricted access road and not a public road.

The Ziplines are located in the Ceres Nature Reserve and public access is only by foot. Spectators are welcome to drive to the entrance, park there and walk up to the Ziplines.

The first part of the road is gravel and then it is a tarred road. The complete walk to the starting point is about 2,5 km uphill and downhill. The spectators would have to go ahead of the departing group as it may take a while for them to walk up to the starting point.
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